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During the winter school, you will learn how to use GNU radio environment on USRPs to develop your own experiments.
In addition the FIT/CorteXlab facility, remotely accessible for your own research will be made available. You will learn and install all the material to run your own experiments.
A reference setup for IoT will be used as a support. You will participate to a challenge with the aim of improving the initial IoT setup to increase the performance. You will be allowed to modify either the scheduler, the PHY or the MAC layer, working in small groups.  The last day, each group will present his own improvements to the others and the group who get the best performance will win the challenge.
All your contributions will be kept and made available as open sources on CorteXlab, and you will leave the school, with everything installed on your computer to continue working with FIT/CorteXlab and GNU radio.




  • Deploy an IoT network with various nodes
    • Sensors and channels emulated on N radio Nodes
    • One Base Station node (BS)
  • All nodes synchronized via NI Octoclock
  • PHY layer inspired from NB-IoT Standard
In order to prepare your venue; please follow the following steps to prepare your computer:



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